Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Year 2

One year has passed since starting the blog!

A lot has happened, most recently I have not been updating here because of a transitional period of getting together a restaurant idea.

I have collected so much information and so many ideas, yet to be put into practice, but I want to start again by slowly unraveling those ideas here, thank you to those who sent me a few messages asking me to start posting again. Well watch this space, Year 2 I promise to keep the blog going and flowing with ideas, thoughts and progress of everything I think about food.. glad to be back!

I sketch my food all the time when not able to get it either cooked for photos or having the camera ready so here are a couple of pictures... 

More to come.. Year 2, what will it hold on this blog and for the future.. all very exciting!

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Pappa Cod said...

welcome back... lets do lunch?