Friday, April 9, 2010

Calling all chefs!!!! Paradise awaits.......

In November 2008 I started this Blog whilst working in the Seychelles on a private island as Executive Chef.

Those of you who know me have no doubt heard lots of stories of the Island and how beautiful it was/is even. Well a surprise to most and probably most of all to myself, we are going back!

We are returning to the very beautiful North Island in just over a week to continue what was started back then in 2008 and very  very much looking forward to it. North gives you a sense of piece and a sense of how beautiful natural things in the world can be.

I have so many ideas I need to write about, to cook, to photograph, I will have the pleasure of meeting members of my new team, but also working with a couple of very special chefs who have stayed and kept the amazing food standards alive.

This will also give me more opportunity to document all as it happens with the blog, this I am greatly looking forward to, I already have some great plans which will go into the place as soon as I take the reigns once again.

We are going to create in an environment second to none on the earth, we have the freshest fish delivered daily on the beach, we have our own tropical garden, we have some of the best spices available to us, what more could you wish for, well, 32' all day every day, that just adds to the perfect place to create perfect food.

Our dining concept revolves around the guest, you arrive on the island and you will meet me and we will talk about your likes, dislikes, your home comfort, what you would like to try, so many options, the menu is an 'Any menu' 'Any venue' 'Any time' scenario, challenging this is, but exciting all the same, for a chef what can be more on the edge of creating...

This leads me to my first post of my new regime back on North.

I need chefs, if you think you have what it takes and would be interested then please mail me or contact me, look forward to hearing from anyone who thinks they are up for it!

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