Friday, January 16, 2009

Sumac Spiced Lamb, Preserved Lemon Puree, Arrugas Potatoes

I have been wanting to post this since I made it, I kept putting it off wanting to do it justice, taking my time to write a really in depth, but I love the photos and the look of the dish so much I have finally decided to put it on with just pictures really, the original idea started when in the seychelles with my favourite 3 chefs. We made a spiced lamb loin dish with a red capsicum muffin, filled with candied olive and babaganoush ice cream, plated with a puree of preserved lemons, it has developed into this and carries on a little bit more with the middle eastern flavours
England has a big thing about boiling Brussel Sprouts, always strong tasting and overcooked, I say just touch them in the pan
Fresh Madjhool dates, beautiful, a friend of mine hates them, using too many when working in Dubai, but peeled and take out the strings, great natural puree

Preserved lemons, a wicked spiced ingredient, but how about using them as a base for a cold sauce, remoulade like, soak them in ice cold water, puree and use as your base, add a tiny touch of vanilla sugar, takes the salty edge off

Babaganoush, nutty earthy flavours, flame roasted whole aubergines, tahini, pinch ras el hanout, confit garlic, blend, arab style is a little chunky rustic but I love mine smooth

Arrugas potatoes, I have come across several recently but have made mine the old way, almost rosti like with, pureed flame roasted red pepper, smoked paprika and pinch of cayenne

Loin of Lamb, welsh salt marsh lamb for me every time, there is no better flavour than this, you can taste it all way through the flesh. Sumac, my new found favourite ingredient, its buds are dried and ground into a powder in the middle east to add a lemony zesty falvour to meats, try it, its fantastic, part of the poison ivy family! Marinade your meat in the dried mix for an hour or two and cook.

And there we have it, plate it all up and I loved this dish from start to finish all comes together so well for me.

Little bit of sweet stuff next post, hopefully it won't take so long for me to get off my arse and get on with it. Our 3 friends will remember this and keep cooking guys, we'll be cooking together again soon!


Anonymous said...

thank you!

eggplant...lamb...dates, mmm, looks delish!

foodbin said...

a really good post-nice photos and presentation-must be tasty.

Pretty Little World said...

Love your blog! Those potatoes look/sound like absolutely the tastiest thing!!

Beautiful photographs!!

Lara Ehrlich said...

Wow, that looks stunning. I'll have to try your recipe--particularly the puree. And your photos are really beautiful. Are you a professional photographer? I'll most definitely be back :-)

Bharti said...

WOW! Everything here looks amazing. Glad to have found your blog. I like baba ghanoush to be smooth as well.

Nate @ House of Annie said...

Very inventive dish! I like that you discuss all the individual elements.

Thanks for adding us as a friend on Foodbuzz. We welcome you to come visit our site!

grub said...

Thank you so much for such wonderful comments! Not a proffesional photographer, but try!!

Anonymous said...

I can only salivate over your recipes - Because I haven't a hope in hell of cooking like that any time soon (or ever)!
So I'll just look at the ingredients, and the pictures, and dream away!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that just looks amazing, I can see why you have made it into your blog's header image.

Anonymous said...

photos and your presentation is great! I just don't like the taste of Brussels but I love them in the photo. Sumac is one of my favs too.

Anonymous said...

beautiful dish. those gorgeous bits of lamb almost look like open figs! is that weird of me to think this?

John Slwanski said...


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