Sunday, November 23, 2008

Belly Pork, Sweet Potato, Bilimbi, Chilli & Chocolate

Braised Pork belly, sweet potato mash, chocolate leather, cauliflower puree, chili tuille, baby carrots, sauce vigneronne & bilimbi..
Absolutely delicious, although a little sweet, that's where the bilimbi comes in, a little fruit from the Seychelles, also found across Asia and in Caribbean, it's very sour and dry, actually from the same family as the carambola (starfruit)
It also has some good medicinal uses as well. Here the locals blend it with fresh chili to add to their food, they like it really hot, so it acts as a really good carrier.

What else have we used bilimbi with recently, we pickle it, marinate fish with it, we have made salsas, I'm thinking bilimbi ice cream, no sorbet, with sweet chili sauce..
actually a dry rubbed curried bonito, bilimbi ice cream, palm sugar jelly, coriander foam, holy basil risotto.. mmm nice new creole dish there

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foodbin said...

bilimbi is known as belimbing in my country. we used it to flavor curries. i have a post of the belimbing plant on my blog.