Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wahoo & Fennel 3 ways, not forgetting smoked korsol

The Seared Wahoo eats in 3 elements on the plate each with fennel, 1 with braised fennel (mirabelle style ) with cinnamon and just a touch of cardamon powder.

Another with shaved fennel and citrus jelly agar based, a pinch of vanilla salt on the jelly to help and coriander, brings it all together.

Then a new discovery, when we smoked the sour sop we had no idea what the flavour was going to be like with the fennel, it completely changes the flavour profile, I am not the biggest aniseed fan in the world, never have been, but with any of the elements it was fantastic it really smoothed the flavour, giving it almost a fruit taste and we added a fennel veloute to go with just to finish, eats really good.

I think it could be part of the new TGRWT ideas, I think Khymos and the others were up to No.10, the last one being white chocolate & caviar.

Tomorrow we are using some fantastic little vine cherry tomatoes we have grown, they were the first things to be planted since we arrived and now we are starting to see the fruits.

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