Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We used the Smoker today, the first week I arrived I asked the maintenance guys to build me a smoker, we get an abundance of fish and its not always used, so, solution.. a smoker. I spoke to Phillip and he had the guys take an old oil barrel, mount it on a Weber base and we have been smoking stuff on and off ever since.

Some stuff has come out great, others not so great, the trouble has been getting the fire right, but we have mastered it now, so we can cold and hot smoke. Lieanna, prepared it all and got stuck in using the smoker for the first time... We smoked Palm Heart today along with Sour Sop in creole (korsol) as well as peanut butter, tempura batter, garlic, ginger, oysters & cinnamon. The korsol we used in tonights dinner dish, see the picture in the post above.

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