Friday, November 14, 2008

Chocolate Coral... a local inspiration

How much can one person produce? Well it seems endless amounts, we discussed a bit of local inspiration, something which started as a crayfish dish play about one night, thinking it could look like under the sea, then a few days later... "I used to make chocolate coral before"
..Well pour over crushed ice, let it set and watch the ice melt, turn it over, then instant coral!!

Ok, then we moved onto lots of thoughts of what we could use as different aspects of living coral, thinking of the movement and realism. Strawberry octopus came and went and then we decided lets stick to black and white.. Chocolate!
Popcorn for sand, jahlebi & churros for the long coral strands, tapioca, we love using tapioca recently, its just amazing to look at, looks like underwater, lychee anenome.. what a great idea, one of the best things on there, white poppyseeds on the chocolate run outs, lots of unseen things, the white chocolate veloute hidden under the sand, when mixed with the popcorn sand eats beautifully, the little bit of salt in with the sand covering the white chocolate TGRWT. Chocolate mousse holding everything together, coconut living coral flowers, grated fresh toasted coconut everywhere. Shell macaroons, the tiniest detail, starfish macaroons, the list is endless, I need to go and check all has been mentioned here.
Well this was our first attempt, I really like it, I am not always a fan of the end product, I can always see room for improvement on the whole thing, not sure where we should go with this to make it better, like I said though one person made all of this for service and we didn't use all of the options for plating as well, there is so many ways and choices of putting it together, thats definately what makes this so much fun, I love making up coral, each plate is different, each one individual, just what each plate, each dish should be about.
Dark , white & milk chocolate coral, tapioca, salted chocolate popcorn coral, coral runouts, chocolate mousse, chocolate marquise, milk chocolate parfait, churros, honeycomb coral, jahlebi, star & shell macaroons, lychee anenome, white chocolate veloute, popcorn sand, I think these are all the elements but will update it!

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